National Poetry Month: Day 23

River Walk

by Terry Tierney


Melting spring reveals its treasures,
purity of snow fading to brown,
swampy scent of renewal
tinged with dog waste.

Rotting carp drags a wake
like the helm of a royal yacht
welcomed by flags of toilet paper.
Napkin blossoms line the shore.

Styrofoam peanuts sprout in green algae
with shiny nuggets of aluminum foil
and sapphire Doublemint wrappers.

Grocery bags unfold and swim
like jellyfish in the breeze.

Arrowhead bottle ran ashore,
stranded behind a fence of dead reeds
and black shards, bobbing in gray water,
reflects my distorted face.


Terry’s collection of poetry, The Poet’s Garage, will be published by Unsolicited Press in May 2020. His poems and stories have recently appeared in The Mantle,Valparaiso Poetry Review, Front Porch Review, Jersey Devil Press, The Lake and other publications. His website is

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